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The 3 Most Important Things to do to Combat Junk Food Cravings

What is rule number one when timing your grocery shopping??

Never grocery shop hungry. Especially if they have samples.

Because if you are anything like me… “I’m just going to run in and grab a couple of things we need.” turns into a cart full of groceries you don’t need and might not even have room for when you go in hungry.

Cravings are kinda, sorta similar… 👀

Okay, they are similar in that if you don’t take care of business beforehand you might end up making some regrettable decisions.

The 3 best things you can do to stay ahead of your cravings:

No. 1 Plan Ahead.

If you have a plan or system in place, your muscle memory will lead you to more nutritious choices even when you are busy, on the go, and “don’t have time”:

Brainstorm go-to snacks, breakfast, and lunch to have on the ready

Include them in your staples shopping list. (If you use Instacart, create your list there.)

When putting away your groceries make sure your go-to snacks are in an easily accessible and visible place.

Brainstorm on the go places with nutritious options that are near home and along your commute.

Pin a list of the places you come up with in the notes app on your phone to refer back to as needed. Eventually, you won’t need to refer to the list because you’ll just remember.

No. 2 Keep your Nutrient Needs as a Top Priority.

If your body is getting what it needs as part of your regular routine then you are less likely to have strong cravings for quick fixes:

You’ve heard this one before, stay hydrated.

Eat. Don’t skip meals.

No. 3 Crowd it out.

If you still have a “hankering” for things you wish you weren’t craving then eat something more nutritious first and then eat the thing that you were craving.

What do you do to curb your cravings? Comment below.

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