person standing in pathway

Ready. Set. Go!

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Getting started

You are at the beginning of your hero journey, with an amazingly beautiful road ahead of you.

What an amazing place to be, because you have the opportunity to kick things off RIGHT so that you can start kicking arse and taking names on this wellness journey, like “New chapter. Who ‘dis?!” Let’s go get ’em, tiger!!

What you’ll benefit from focusing on in this phase of your health/wellness journey…

body notifications on

Knowing what messages your body is sending you is HUGE

A big part of creating a personalized & comprehensive healthy lifestyle is being aware of the fact that our bodies are constantly telling us when something is or isn’t right for us. The trick is turning on your “notifications” so that your brain can get the message.

Possibilities set

An objective health goal lays the groundwork

Start small, start where you are, and ladder up to where you ultimately want to be in your health practices.

struggle strategy engaged

Awareness & Accountability are also key in this phase

Being aware of “what” your real obstacles are and taking accountability to do something about them is THE formula for self-empowerment to finally start moving the needle and seeing forward movement in your wellness journey. {HINT: the real problem is rarely lack of discipline or self-control}

wellness vision activated

Envisioning what you want your life, in general, to look and feel like

Going beyond an objective goal and creating a deeply felt picture of your overall wellness vision for your life as a whole is the firepower to keep you on track for the long run. Your wellness vision makes your heart leap and stomach flutter and you feel it in your bones that you want that life for yourself.