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Tameeko Clark, MBA

Wellness Strategist | Holistic Nutritionist | Health Coach | Mother of 2

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Tameeko Clark empowers moms to prioritize their health to be their best version of themselves and set the right tone for their child’s future relationship with food and wellness.

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Tameeko Clark is a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, Wellness Strategist, & mom of two healthy eaters. She noticed busy working moms looking to break the cycle of on-again-off-again health practices that weren’t working, physically, left them feeling discouraged mentally, and had them swimming in self-guilt and disappointment, energetically.

Her tailored & comprehensive coaching programs help others take control of junk food cravings and teach them how to create a personalized culture of wellness to enjoy living healthy on purpose, with purpose, and without the periodic self-guilt and disappointment.

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Tameeko Clark is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Wellness Strategist for busy moms, who may understand “the what” of getting healthy but have little time to waste on figuring out “the how” of getting there consistently, naturally, and mindfully. Tameeko grew up on junk food so she knows the struggle, firsthand. She is also a mother of two, who personally understands how strongly our hopes, dreams, and wishes for our children impact the choices we make and the approaches we take in our lives.

When not figuratively riding in the “passenger seat” with ambitious moms moving from out of control to cruise control in their wellness lives, you’ll find her geeking out over genealogy research, new home tech, or puttering around in the garden with her littles.

Basic on purpose wellness Story

At Basic on Purpose Wellness, we know that (many) busy moms are facing out-of-control junk food cravings—which leads them to feel like they lack the self-discipline to stick to their wellness journey, and that holds them back from being their best version of themselves. 

We understand the struggle of knowing “the what” but missing “the how”. As a mom herself, founder Tameeko Clark gets the motherhood challenges of ever-expanding schedules, and mom guilt around prioritizing self-care. 

She knows, firsthand, how easy it is to fall off track in the hustle and bustle of family life. She believes that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be something you pull off the rack and try to squeeze yourself into, it should be custom-tailored, not forced. 

Tameeko combines her past chapter of riding the struggle bus with her previous experience in workplace culture-building to provide guidance in creating personalized wellness strategies. She partners with fellow moms in mapping out a cruise-controlled path to worry-free wellness. She has a passion for working with busy, high-achieving moms looking for step-by-step direction, accountability, and support from someone who truly sees them and their obstacles.

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  • Tameeko Clark holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and uses principles from her education to help clients create positive and adaptive change in their households.
  • ​​She spent 16+ years leading high-performing teams at two national corporations, both with strong strategic company cultures. And uses her culture-building experience to guide clients in setting a healthy tone of overall wellness at home with strategic intention.
  • Tameeko is a self-proclaimed junk-food-raised kid turned mother of two healthy eaters.
  • She has completed training in the fundamentals of regenerative sustainable farming and is a strong advocate for composting at home and getting kids in the garden.
  • She is a certified holistic nutritionist through American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA).
  • She is also a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (DSWI) certified Health Coach with specialty training in life stages: pregnancy and families.