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How to Get Your Motivation Back in 3 Easy Steps Without the Struggle

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You are struggling to stay motivated because something fell apart and was lost between the moment you “stopped believing” it was possible for you and your desire to live a life where your clothes fit, energy is not an issue, and you feel fully present with your family and/or at work.

So what do you do?

Here are 3 low-key but powerful activities to help jumpstart your motivation to live better.

Step one: Remind yourself why.

Ask yourself these questions. Write your answers down in a journal, on a sticky note, or in the notes app on your phone:

  1. If you were fully motivated and were living a healthy lifestyle, how would that make your life better?
  2. How would be healthier change things for your life for each of these areas: your family, your career, your relationships, and your personal well-being?

🌟 Really think about it. Really type or write it out. Be detailed.

Step two: Give yourself some grace. Do one nice thing to care for yourself.

Low Maintenance Self-Care Ideas

  • 💞 A sugar scrub in the shower
  • 💞 Your favorite warm beverage
  • 💞 A walk in nature (or your neighborhood)
  • 💞 Put on some headphones to listen to some of your jams
  • 💞 What else can you think of??

Step Three: Grant yourself a quick win.

1. Make a real list of 5 health and wellness habits that you think you should be working on.
2. Pick one that you know for certain you could easily start with a small self-nudge.
3. Celebrate all small wins. 🎉

Sometimes we have all the pieces but struggle to put them in the right places… feeling stuck?

Schedule a mini-coaching session with me and we will figure out a good game plan to help you get unstuck, reduce sticky situations, and create tools to pull yourself out of the mud in the future if needed.

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