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Food relationship reset

The Food Relationship Reset is a 7-day guided group workshop designed to help you unpack + shift the thoughts/beliefs holding you back from finding your secret sauce to staying on track with your nutrition.

The reset will help you…

  • unlearn the diet culture mindsets keeping you stuck
  • identify where those mindsets came from, so you can create NEW thoughts and beliefs that actually serve your nutrition goals
  • AND… to finally ditch diets and build a better relationship with food

…all so that you can feel like your best self, create the habits necessary to release any unwanted weight, and confidently lead a health legacy for your family.

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    We will always choose actions that support our thoughts and beliefs and if our current thoughts + beliefs don’t support where we want to be, then… how will we ever get there?

    – Tameeko Clark
    Food Relationship Reset

    What’s included?

    7-Day Group workshop

    In this guided workshop, I walk you through how to get unstuck with finding consistency in eating healthy without guilt + deprivation.

    Live sessions + replays

    There will be live sessions over Zoom to help you kick off the new year feeling pumped up. You can also use these live sessions to ask any questions or get live guidance on a specific problem. (replays will be available if you’re shy or can’t make it)

    Action steps + accountability

    Taking in information doesn’t amount to much without action. During this workshop, you will get small action steps to take to send you off in the right direction.

    Kick off the 2023 New Year with the…

    Food Relationship reset

    and give your new year’s resolution a turbo boost with this 7-day guided workshop will take place in early 2023. More details to follow.