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5 Things You Should Pack for Family Beach Vacation

One of the really nice things about packing for a Hawaiian vacation is you can travel light. Your clothes are most likely less bulky than they would be for a cold weather vacation. But there are a few extras that I was glad we had handy and a couple that I will remember for next time. Snorkel gear If you are into this sort of activity and already have the gear, you can save a…


How to Make Compost at Home | The Basics

Composting takes time. There are a lot of rules to follow. I mainly follow the basics. It works for me. It is nice to have more in-depth knowledge on the subject but it is not necessary to get started. Following a few basic rules has provided me with decent results (non-smelly, relatively quick compost that my plants like). If you are unfamiliar with what composting is and why it is important, check out my earlier…


5 Quick Snacks | Healthy in a Hurry

When you are really hungry and need a snack to tide you over until the next meal, finding something you can put together fast, is crucial. Because the longer you stay “hangry” the more likely you are to begin craving all the bad things. When I am hungry and in a hurry, telling me to eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts is just not going to cut it. Here are a…


Vanilla Pecan Granola | Make it at Home

Granola is one of those foods that people automatically equate with healthy eating. BUT the problem is a lot of the commercial granola on the market is loaded with refined sugar to get you hooked. There are healthy versions, just pay attention to those ingredient lists and nutrition facts. Or make it at home. It is much easier than you think. And once you get the hang of it you can get creative. Make yourself…


Planning a Family Vacation to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

I had never looked forward to a vacation more in my life. 2017 was a rough year so the anticipation for this trip was palpable. To get me through the wait, I turned to planning and researching this family vacation, in earnest. As new DVC members, our home resort is at Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas. So we can book vacations up to 11 months out. This is an advantage because the room you want can…


What is Composting and Why it’s Great

Composting is THE original recycling. Recycling is the process of taking man-made waste materials and turning them into something new. Composting, on the other hand, is converting organic waste materials into something fantastic: a nutritious soil conditioner for plants. Composting has been naturally occurring for as long as there have been plants and trees on earth. When leaves and fruit fall from trees and are left on the ground for a period of time, they…


3 Step Applesauce | Make it at Home

So, applesauce pouches are pretty inexpensive and convenient too. BUT I still prefer to make applesauce at home for my little guy. Nothing beats the homey scent that wafts through the house with a fresh pot of piping hot applesauce simmering on the stove. I love the memories it creates when my son asks for “mommy’s applesauce” and I am able to crank out a small batch, on the fly, using pantry ingredients while he…


4 Basics of Growing Plants

I have been winging this whole gardening thing for the past few years. I promised myself several times that I would buckle down and commit to really understanding how it all works, rather than my usual method of throw a bunch of things in the ground and see what grows. This approach has worked to some degree but it is time to apply a little structure and discipline at my efforts to see what happens.…


Springing Back to Basics in the Garden

Ever since I read the book The Secret Garden in elementary school, I became enamored with the idea of having my own secret garden. I grew up living in apartments so the extent of my prior experience consisted of watering a few house plants. When my husband and I were house hunting for our current home, my number one non-negotiable was it had to have room for a garden. When we were torn between the…


5 Reasons We Joined Disney Vacation Club

First, What is Disney Vacation Club? Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation ownership program (timeshare). You “own” a real estate interest at the “Home Resort” you select. DVC is on a point system so that makes it more flexible than the old school timeshare programs based on set durations and timing. (ie First week of May in Reno every year…) Although, I think most timeshare companies are moving away from “weeks” and over to…



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