I believe that “getting healthy” and sticking with it should feel like a fun and exciting new challenge, not a chore.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Hi! I’m Tameeko, a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Wellness Strategist. I’m also a mother of two young children. I hold an MBA with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership and prior to coaching, I spent 16+ years leading high-performing teams at two different organizations, with strong strategic company cultures.

My corporate experience has led me to the strong belief that meaningfully, cultivated cultures drive transformations and results that stick. This is true both in the business world AND in our personal lives.

I spent 10+ years trying to “figure it out” and fine-tune a better way to stick with healthy eating. And by George, I eventually did when I made the connection between culture and change.

I now “crave” food that makes me feel good. I still indulge occasionally, but on my own terms. I’m in control and not under control. And now I enjoy helping others kick junk food to the curb without the struggle and lead a healthy lifestyle that they love.

Here’s My Story

Right now, you might be feeling:

  • frustrated because you feel drawn to eat foods that you think you shouldn’t be eating and this might be leading to disappointment for giving into the craving. you wonder why you lack the willpower to resist.
  • you might also be feeling discouraged because you aren’t seeing results when you do try but you’re partner, everyone else, or your past self did get results and aren’t struggling as much as you are now.
  • or you’re maybe even too tired because you haven’t been getting very good sleep lately, you feel stressed and too overwhelmed to keep trying… because what’s the point?

I totally relate to all of that because I’ve experienced it all. I grew up eating addictive, processed, and nutrient-poor food. I know the struggle to transition to better eating habits when you feel out of control with cravings.

Luckily I found the light at the end of the tunnel and I know you can too. I have created a system that can help you find your path to a life you never knew existed. You’ll be amazed at your own ability to accomplish and bust through the mental blocks holding you back.

But the question is, are you ready? 👀

Let’s get it!


If You are …

  • thinking about your eating habits, regularly
  • feeling like they are not fully in your control
  • seeing the impact of “not feeling at your best” showing up in your relationships, career, parenthood, or basic daily functioning

I Can Help You…

  • Level up your nutrition to regain energy and focus while setting the tone for your household in an authentic way
  • Identify and work through the mental blocks that are keeping you stuck and inconsistent
  • Create a personalized culture that organically reinforces the practices you want to be part of your life for the long haul

I LOVE helping ambitious working mothers break up with junk food to reach their health goals, regain energy, and feel more present. I help moms invest in themselves and enjoy eating better to create meaningful, sustainable transformations in their lives.

Get Ready to
Break up with junk food

Start by downloading your free wellness roadmap template, today.

Personal Facts

3 Things i love besides family

I used to mostly drink just regular green or black tea and then a friend from work introduced me to Chai and I’ve been in love ever since.

Well until I noticed a little tummy pudge forming from drinking it so much and I found out how much sugar was in it.

But love tends to find a way…

I now mostly make Chai at home in my milk frother adding my own sweetener and vanilla..

So the love perseveres.

She’s great. That’s it.

I’m obsessed with order and organization. Bringing order to chaos and then admiring the finished product = pure joy in a bow. 🤓