Welcome to Basic on Purpose! I am Tameeko. I am passionate about simple living, focusing on basic essentials of life and sharing my findings with others.

Two basic essentials of life that I subscribe to are Sustainable (of self/family/environment) and Quality living. Healthy and happy minds and bodies living on purpose and enjoying life’s moments with loved ones, brings me joy.

BUT the 80/20 rule is also vital to my personal sanity. I am a low key rebel by nature and the second I am told I cannot or I am not allowed I am immediately compelled to do the opposite. So 80+% of the time I am moved to live in my ideal and 20% of the time when I just can’t, I don’t.

This website is centered around that 80% of the time, the themes you might find here, include:

A passion for feeding my family nutrient rich foods, very limited amounts of processed “food” products and a fairly strict avoidance of added refined sugar.

An aspiration to garden the food we eat.

A hope for a day that the whole world incorporates composting and recycling in their everyday lives in some small or big way.

A drive to savor every moment and curate a lifetime of lasting, quality memories. Being a parent is not for everyone. But it is one of the coolest privileges I’ve ever had bestowed upon me.

Make good choices and happy reading!




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