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3 things you should know when you’re too tired to play with your child

Is it just me or do you cringe a little on the inside after telling your kid, “I’m sorry, baby, but Mommy’s too tired.”? πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

You feel bad, of course, but you are struggling. Work dragged. Laundry is sitting there being its old, villainous self. πŸ‘€ And you haven’t even started dinner, yet.

But then your sweet child says, “You always say that.”

“Gah!” 😫  dagger to the heart.

Okay, I KNOW for a fact that this is a legit issue for a lot of mamas with young children.

Maybe you haven’t yet uttered those exact words to your precious but there’s a good chance you’ve thought them, once or twice. Here’s what I hope you know:

1. You are not alone. Moms are fatigued. Especially, moms with young children. And though, this may bring some solace it still does not change the fact that you are exhausted.

Sometimes a crazy day is just a crazy day that no ordinary human could emerge from, unscathed.

But when yawning all day is the standard operating procedure for you, you should also know that …

2. You can get more out of your sleep, without getting more sleep. Say what?!

Yes. I mean… you should aim for getting a reasonable amount of sleep but I wouldn’t obsess over trying to catch a full glorious 8 hours of pipe dreams.

3.Β Life is hectic and you are juggling a lot. I get it.

And sometimes this can mean taking care of mama takes a back seat. So chances are, your eating habits might be less than ideal.

They also could be keeping you up at night and keeping you from feeling otherwise fully rested throughout the day.

How different would the “vicious cycle” be if you felt more rested and had even a fraction of the mental clarity you had before kids?

Want to know how to create easy systems, routines, and a meals strategy that does NOT include creating meal plans every week?

Get on my calendar, and let’s have a little strategy session.

We’ll see if you and I should start working together to get the most out of your sleep by cutting down on the junk food and start calling in other delicious food that makes you feel like an even more powerful force than you already are.

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