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3 Step Applesauce | Make it at Home

So, applesauce pouches are pretty inexpensive and convenient too. BUT I still prefer to make applesauce at home for my little guy. Nothing beats the homey scent that wafts through the house with a fresh pot of piping hot applesauce simmering on the stove. I love the memories it creates when my son asks for “mommy’s applesauce” and I am able to crank out a small batch, on the fly, using pantry ingredients while he…


4 Basics of Growing Plants

I have been winging this whole gardening thing for the past few years. I promised myself several times that I would buckle down and commit to really understanding how it all works, rather than my usual method of throw a bunch of things in the ground and see what grows. This approach has worked to some degree but it is time to apply a little structure and discipline at my efforts to see what happens.…

Springing Back to Basics in the Garden

Ever since I read the book The Secret Garden in elementary school, I became enamored with the idea of having my own secret garden. I grew up living in apartments so the extent of my prior experience consisted of watering a few house plants. When my husband and I were house hunting for our current home, my number one non-negotiable was it had to have room for a garden. When we were torn between the…

5 Reasons We Joined Disney Vacation Club

First, What is Disney Vacation Club? Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation ownership program (timeshare). You “own” a real estate interest at the “Home Resort” you select. DVC is on a point system so that makes it more flexible than the old school timeshare programs based on set durations and timing. (ie First week of May in Reno every year…) Although, I think most timeshare companies are moving away from “weeks” and over to…


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